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Subiaco Marist Cricket Club (SMCC)
Please note this website uses the old layout which will be phased out as of 31 March 2014, the organisation will be required to transition over to the new and improved layout by submitting a support request. Our support team will assist with this transition free of charge.
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Welcome to the official website of Subiaco Marist Cricket Club (SMCC)


The Subiaco Marist Cricket Club is of the firm belief that Cricket is a game the whole family can enjoy. Its not a game just for males, it can and is played by girls and women.

Under our club motto of Spirit, Mateship, Character and Commitment, we believe that every player, coach, and volunteer should have the opportunity to access and enjoy this great game.

Our club is very proud of the history of association, state and international representative players we have produced. Our rich history and continued growth provides a tremendous foundation for providing all with an opportunity to enjoy and share in the great game of cricket.

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Melville 9/186(cc) def Subiaco Marist 111 
Melville 5/111(cc) def by Subiaco Marist 3/112 
Ballajura JCC 7/189 def Subiaco Marist Maroon 98 
Subiaco Marist Blue 9/226 def Wembley Silver 118 
Subiaco Marist Maroon 9/146(cc) def by Claremont Nedlands 2 8/151(cc) 
Swanbourne 159 and 7/129 def Subiaco Marist 8/175(dec) and 2/112(dec) 
Subiaco Marist 132 def by Swanbourne 9/198(dec) and 5/74(cc) 
Wembley Districts Red 4/74(cc) def by Subiaco Marist Blue 3/62(cc) 
Subiaco Marist Maroon  v Wembley Districts Green  
Wembley Districts Silver  v Subiaco Marist Gold  
Subiaco Marist White 57 def by Subiaco Marist Black 4/104 
Subiaco Marist 9/143(cc) def Bentley 140 
Double View Carine Blue 4/60(cc) def by Subiaco Marist Maroon 2/48(cc) 
Subiaco Marist 188 and 6/163(dec) def Whitfords 9/66(dec) 
Subiaco Marist Gold 141 def by Wembley Districts Gold 181 
Subiaco Marist Black 140 def Claremont Nedlands 1 121 
Swan Athletic 6/191(cc) def Subiaco Marist 7/187(cc) 
Subiaco Marist 6/60 def by University 4/110(cc) 
Subiaco Marist Maroon 82 and 9/95 def by Claremont Nedlands 2 100 
Western Suburbs 2/171 def Subiaco Marist 165 
Subiaco Marist Blue 55 and 74 def by Claremont Nedlands Barbarians 9/101(cc) and 3/30 
Doubleview-Carine 5/102 def Subiaco Marist 5/101(cc) 
Mt Lawley Inglewood Green 137 def by Subiaco Marist Maroon 160 
Mt Lawley-Inglewood White 6/232(cc) and 5/121 def Subiaco Marist Blue 73 
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